Rémi Prébet   berP.imeRet@lip6.fr

Former student of École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay
PhD Student in Computer Sciences at Lip6 - Sorbonne Université

Curriculum Vitæ

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World tour hitchhiking (2018/2019)

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First internship (Master 1) at LISTIC (2017)

Under the supervision of Yajing Yan.

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Second internship (Master 2) at Lip6 (2020)

Under the supervision of Mohab Safey El Din.

Thesis   Slides


  • Computing roadmaps in unbounded smooth real algebraic sets I: connectivity results
    R. Prébet, M. Safey El Din, E. Schost (2022)
    [HAL] [arXiv]


  • Deciding cuspidality of manipulators through computer algebra and algorithms in real algebraic geometry
    D. Chablat, R. Prébet, M. Safey El Din, D. Salunkhe, P. Wenger
    Proceedings of ISSAC 2022, Lille, France, Jul. 2022
    [HAL] [arXiv] [doi]

  • A Data-Adaptive EOF-Based Method for Displacement Signal Retrieval From InSAR Displacement Measurement Time Series for Decorrelating Targets
    R. Prébet, Y. Yan, M. Jauvin, E. Trouvé
    IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Volume 57, Issue 8 ,p.5829-5852, Aug. 2019
    [HAL] [doi]

  • A Data-Adaptive Eof Based Method for Displacement Signal Extraction from Interferogram Time Series
    R. Prébet, Y. Yan, M. Jauvin, E. Trouvé
    Proceedings of IGARSS 2018, Valencia, Spain, Jul. 2018
    [HAL] [doi]