The tools listed below have been developed in the context of various research projects.

PNML Framework

PNML Framework is a reference implementatin the ISO/IEC 15909-2 International Standard on Petri nets. This standard is the second part of a 3-part standard. It defines the interchange format, Petri Net Markup Language (PNML).

The main feature of PNML Framework is to provide a high level API to tools developers so that they can easily integrate the support of Petri nets in the standardised format. PNML Framework abstracts away the XML syntax. It is provided as a library developped in Java.

Partially funded by the ModelPlex European integrated project FP6-IP 034081.


CARE is a platform for the intensive evaluation and training of software behavior miners which extract behavior models (e.g. sequence diagram, state machine) from execution traces.

Funded by a LIP6 (laboratory) project.

Behavioral Consistency Checker

BCC features the formal verification of UML activity diagram, using verification tools provided in the CPN-AMI platform. BCC is provided as an Eclipse plugin.

Funded by the ModelPlex European integrated project FP6-IP 034081.