Damien Vergnaud

I hold a doctorate degree in mathematics from the Université de Caen Basse-Normandie (France) and an habilitation thesis in computer science from the École normale supérieure (France). My research focuses on the design of efficient and secure cryptographic protocols, theoretical aspects of provable security, number theory and randomness in cryptography.


Nov 7, 2023 Abdul Rahman Taleb defended his Ph. D. thesis :mortar_board:
Nov 6, 2023 preprint on the impossibility of quantum public key encryption with classical keys from one-way functions is now on arXiv and IACR eprint :memo:
Aug 14, 2023 paper on zero-knowledge arguments and digital signatures via sharing conversion in the Head accepted in ESORICS 2023 :memo:
Aug 8, 2023 paper on lattice-based attacks on pairing-based signatures (from partial information) accepted in Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective :memo: