The L.i.S.P book and code

The exact title of this book stands for "Lisp in Small Pieces". This book covers Lisp, Scheme and other related dialects, their interpretation, semantics and compilation. To sum it up in a few figures: 500 pages, 11 chapters, 11 interpreters and 2 compilers.

This book was first written in French. It was published by InterÉditions, under title "Les Langages Lisp". See exact bibliographic reference or cover page . Unfortunately this edition is now out of press. A new (slightly revised) edition will be issued by February 2007. It will bear a new title "Principes d'implantation de Scheme et Lisp". See Paracamplus for more details.

The book also exists in English, published by Cambridge University Press, under title "Lisp in Small Pieces" (£40.00/$49.95). See exact bibliographic reference or cover page.

The programs of this book are available on the net. These programs used to run with some Scheme systems around 1994.

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