Compilation of Applicative Language

This page is a kind of pot-pourri for the works that did not fit in the other pages. I only list them in chronological order.

I studied objects with dynamic extent and proposed a safe stack implementation for them in LPTR88.

I investigated the generation of tests or more generally Sexpressions with a grammar expressed using streams in BIGRE89.

A consequence of the previous work, noticed by Nitsan Séniak, while generating expressions with call/cc was the shortest program to loop in Scheme:

       ((call/cc call/cc) (call/cc call/cc))

A corollary of macros is the ability to generate syntactically recursive programs ie programs represented by cyclic Sexpressions. There is no added power in using these kind of programs as shown in LPTR92.

With Sophie Anglade and Jean-Jacques Lacrampe, we examined closer the semantics of combination in Scheme, trying to devise a precise semantics for the non-specified order of evaluation. This work appears in LPTR95.

A Scheme to C or Java compiler, derived from the one described in the L.i.S.P book, is available on the net. They exist for pedagogical purpose, Bigloo is a far more efficient compiler.

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